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TheatreWorks proudly offers ongoing theatre classes for Youth & Teens

Youth Company (ages 8-12)
Thursdays: 6:00-7:30 pm.
Instructor: Andi Glover
Focuses on beginning character development, scene study, and improvisational games.
All youth company members are invited to audition for the Winter/Spring/and Artown’s Family Series productions.

Teen Company (ages 12-18)
Mondays: 6:30-8:00 pm.
Instructor: Michelle Calhoun
Focuses on character development, improvisation and advanced acting techniques.
All teen company members are invited to audition for the Winter/Spring/and Artown’s Family Series productions.

TheatreWorks Monthly Tuition Program
Youth – $40.00 per month
Teen – $48.00 per month
Tuition is due by the 5th of the month

All classes held at
Wildflower Village
4395 West 4th St.
Reno, NV 89523 (map)

Meet the Instructors

Andi Glover, seasoned actor and teacher of the performing arts, earned a Citation from the British American Drama Academy in 1991, and then went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the College of Santa Fe. Andi has worked extensively in both theatre and film. She has worked on a wide range of film projects including national commercials with Wendy’s and Columbia, and award-winning films like “The Motel Life” and “The Last Weekend.” However, her real change for “true” passion lies in live theatre because of the real connection between the audience and the players. Her classes in live theatre teach participants to develop confidence, encourage self-discipline, and perhaps most importantly, enrich appreciation and respect for other points of views. Andi’s favorite credits include Mrs. Smith in “The Bald Soprano” and Regan in “The Seven Lears.”

“I love when young students are inspired and challenged to think, to ask questions and to take action! Theatre helps children understand more about other ways of living, other cultures and the human condition- when they connect with these things, they have a better understanding of their own feelings and thoughts. This connection is something they carry from class to school, work, play…life!” 

Michelle Calhoun moved to Northern Nevada in 2006 with vast theater experience, both on stage and behind the scenes. Along with instructing at TW, Michelle currently works for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival as both an actor and an instructor. Although her true passion lies in acting, she has worked in various capacities including directing, costuming and writing. This passion for acting inspires her to teach students to delve into the characters and explore the depths of their capabilities. Michelle also enjoys instructing because she is able to witness students’ growth in many aspects such as confidence, focus, critical thinking, empathy, and public speaking.

“Being a theater student takes dedication, an open mind and, quite often, a sense of humor. One of the greatest things about working in theater is that it is one of the few “safe” communities. People of all walks of life come together with the sole purpose to create. There is a sense of acceptance like nowhere else. It is through the arts (and specifically theater) we are exposed to so many aspects of human existence. Even though an individual story may not be our own, theater can show us people and situations with which we may be familiar.”